How to send emails

Let your family and friends know your child is being a Heart Hero by sending emails and sharing they are taking part of the American Heart Association's Kids Heart Challenge!

Here is how to send emails:

Login to Your Account

Navigate to the Email Center

      • Click Send Email in the Email Challenge box.

Select Recipients 

      • In the recipients box, enter the email addresses you will be sending an email to.

A few tips and notes:

      • Make sure to place a comma after each email address.
      • Those receiving an email will not see the other recipient's email address. The email will be sent as blind copy to each individual.

Compose Your Email

You can either create your own personal email or if you are sure what to write - we have email templates you can use! 

To use an email template:

      • Click on the Choose a sample message box.
      • Select your preferred email template and the pre-written email will appear in the message box.

To create your own message:

      • Keep the email template field selection on Choose a sample message.

Preview and Send Your Email

      • Click Preview & Send.
      • A pop up box will appear that will allow you to review what your email will look like.
      • Click Send on the top right of the preview.